Professor Perspective

The Professor Perspective is an interview-style show that features Hillsdale College professors of all different academic areas. The premise of the program is to showcase the professors and present to our students some of their many interesting facets. Asking questions ranging from favorite fictional character to most influential band, host Sarah Schutte brings you new insights and unique musings from the faculty who bring so much life to the campus and its students.

Sarah Schutte hails from Dayton, Ohio, and is a junior studying music and radio journalism. When she’s not at the radio station recording a show or conducting an interview, she’s probably in a practice room in the Howard music building. Along with her academics, Sarah is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota (a national music fraternity for women), sings with both college choirs, and participates in various campus clubs. In her brief moments of free time, she can be found making food and trying to feed everyone who walks into her dorm.

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