McNeely/Murphy Hour

The McNeely Murphy Hour explores today’s political issues from a conservative millennial perspective. McNeely and Murphy engage in thoughtful banter about current events and pare down relevant political topics. They get to the heart of the issues that most concern our generation and present a fresh take on American politics.

Ryan Kelly Murphy is a junior Politics major passionate about spreading conservative values and principles, especially among her generation. Ryan has garnered experience in the realms of both politics and communications. Previously, she interned for California State Senator Joel Anderson, speaking at District events on the Senator’s behalf, writing legislative updates for the public on pending Senate bills, corresponding with constituents, and training newly hired interns. Ryan also interned at KMIR News, an NBC affiliate serving the Palm Springs, CA area. She gained valuable insight into the world of broadcast media by shadowing and assisting reporters, preparing content for television, and recording and editing a personal newsreel. Ryan now enjoys co-hosting the weekly political talk show The McNeely Murphy Hour with Cole McNeely, discussing current events from a conservative millennial perspective. Ryan also serves as Director of Public Affairs at Radio Free Hillsdale.

Cole McNeely was formerly the host of “The Cole McNeely Show” and the co-host of the “Wayne Dupree Show” on We Are America Radio. Currently, he is the co-host of the “McNeely Murphy Hour” on WRFH and the producer of “The Bookmonger” with John J. Miller of National Review. He attends Hillsdale College and is the founder of Paragon Talk Radio, an online conservative talk radio station for conservative millennials.

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