On Air

On Air with Stetzel and Sinclair is WRFH’s first ever program dedicated to new music and upcoming tours across the Midwest and Michigan. We feature up-and-coming alternative acts, with a focus on bands coming to the greater Michigan Area (we include Chicago, though it’s a stretch). There is something for everyone – from brand new dreamy dance tracks, to raucous guitar riffs – we try and fit it all in each week. Our main focus is letting listeners know about new music from their favorite bands, and announcing concert dates so they can see them live. We also feature a little something we like to call “The Shadrack Track,” named after our producer Shadrack Strehle.

Senior Kayla Stetzel is pursuing a dual degree in Marketing and Management along with a minor in journalism. She plans on attending law school with the intent to become an entertainment attorney for Film & Television. She’s the show’s resident rock-n-roller, and has a certain love for garage rock, shoegaze, and good ol’ fashion punk music. She describes her music taste as “something your uncle probably has on his Summer BBQ playlist.”

Dean Sinclair is a Junior studying History at Hillsdale College. He plays drums and percussion in a variety of ensembles, both on and off-campus, and is the drummer of Chicago based alternative group August HotelHe enjoys concerts, vinyl records, imported beer, and other stereotypes he sincerely cannot afford.


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