Download Radio Free Hillsdale’s schedule: morning afternoon


Midnight to 1am: From The Hillsdale Archives

1am to 3am: Our American Stories

3am to 5am: When Radio Was

5am to 6am: The Federalist Radio Hour

6am to 9am: Hillsdale Student Content

9am to Noon: The Hugh Hewitt Show

Noon to 2pm: Our American Stories

2pm to 3pm: From The Hillsdale Archives

3pm to 5pm: Hillsdale Student Content

5pm to 6pm: The Federalist Radio Hour

6pm to 9pm: The Dennis Prager Show

9pm to 10pm: Hillsdale Student Content

10pm to Midnight: When Radio Was



Midnight to 3am: The Hugh Hewitt Show

3am to 5am: Hillsdale Student Content

5am to 6am: From the Hillsdale Archives

6am to 8am: Hillsdale Student Content

8am to 9am: Veterans Chronicles

9am to 10am: Hometown Heroes

10am to 11am: Executive Leaders

11am to 6pm: Hillsdale Student Content

6pm to 7pm: Federalist Radio Hour

7pm to 10pm: When Radio Was

10pm to 11pm: Christian Outlook

11pm to Midnight: Music & the Spoken Word/American Radio Journal



Midnight to 3am: The Dennis Prager Show

3am to 6am: When Radio Was

6am to 7am: The Michael Koolidge Show

7am to 8am: Townhall Review

8am to 9am: Christian Outlook

9am to 10am: Music & the Spoken Word/American Radio Journal

10am to Noon: Our American Stories

Noon to 7pm: Hillsdale Student Content

7pm to 9pm: From the Hillsdale Archives

9pm to 10pm: Hometown Heroes

10pm to 11pm: Veterans Chronicles

11pm to Midnight: Executive Leaders